Farmhouse holiday cottages in a tranquil rural hideaway Ceredigion, West Wales.

Bird watching

Bird watching Stallion Valley holiday cottages in Wales
Over the years our holiday cottage guests have taught us a lot about bird watching here in Stallion Valley where there are lots of species ranging from buzzards to black birds, magpies to mallards and robins to red kites.
We provide bird feeders for each of our cottages and bird food for our guests to use. Tits, coal, great and blue are regulars at the feeders, along with sparrows, finches and nuthatch.
Each year, wagtails, ducks, redstarts and swallows return to nest. This week we have seen the regulars plus jays, gold crest and bull finches
Last year our holiday cottage guests spotted a tree creeper nest and this week the same guests have spotted a pair of pied flycatchers nest building in one of our nesting boxes.
Guests staying at Stallion Valley holiday cottages are conveniently situated to visit bird watching reserves nearby in mountain, wetland and coastal habbitats. Guests can also visit The Dyfi Osprey project and red kite feeding stations.


1 Red Kite feeding: Bwlch Nant yr Arian
100’s of kites gather for up to 2 hours prior to feeding. The kites are fed daily, 2pm in the winter and 3pm in the summer, every day of the year including Christmas Day. The red kites swoop down to pick a piece of meat and eat on the wing.
1 Hours 13 Mins
40 Miles
Dog Friendly

A dipper Abergorlech, Brechfa Forest
We spotted this dipper whilst having lunch in the garden of The Black Lion Pub in Abergorlech near the Brechfa Forest
38 Mins
19 Miles
Dog Friendly

Blackbird nesting in the Dog House our outdoor kennel
A wide range of birds nest and rear their young at Stallion Valley holiday cottage here in West Wales. This black bird looks very well settled.

Blue tit on cottage bird feeder
They are common and sometimes we take them for granted but aren't they beautiful?
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Buzzards soar on sunny day thermals holiday cottage Wales
On Sunny days holiday cottage guests look out across the fields and see buzzards soaring on thermals above Stallion Valley, Ceredigion West Wales

Canadian Geese nesting on the island in our pond.
Canadian geese are regular visitors, this year for the first time they are nesting and making friends with our pet sheep Margh. April 2014 Stallion Valley holiday cottages West Wales.
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Chaffinches enjoy bird feeder droppings
We provide a bird feeder for each holiday cottage and supply bird food to fill them. The holiday cottage bird feeders get lots of visitors. The chaffinches usually are below the feeders cleaning up other bird's droppings.
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Choughs, these clifftop birds are not often seen in other parts of Britain but are often seen along the Ceredigion coastal path and at Mwnt above the National trust beach.

Cors Dyfi nature reserve
Cors Dyfi is a wonderful little nature reserve, a healthy mixture of bog, swamp, wet woodland and scrub teeming with animals and plants. Including the magnificent Osprey, which bred on the reserve for the first time in 2011.
1 Hours 23 Mins
47 Miles

Goldcrest in the woods at holiday cottages in West Wales
Set in 3.5 acres of woodland and ponds and surrounded by fields Stallion Valley holiday cottages are a wild life haven. Gold crests are joined by a wide range of other birds for holday cottage bird watchers to spot.

Goldfinch November 2013 St Michaels Church Llangrannogg
Near Llangrannog, just off the coastal path is St Michaels Church, a good place to park except on a Sunday! In the church yard we saw this goldfinch posing for a photo on a grave stone.
25 Mins
14 Miles
Dog Friendly

Great tit on holiday cottage bird feeder
These are probably our most prolific visitors to our holiday cottage bird feeders. Each cottage has a bird feeder in their enclosed garden and a free supply of bird food
Dog Friendly

Great White Egret sighting West Wales
We struggled to find it in our RSPB bird book and eventually found a match for it on the internet: A Great White Egret. Sorry for the poor quality photo, it was taken from a long way distant.
50 Mins
30 Miles
Dog Friendly

Greater Spotted Woodpecker on holiday cottage bird feeder
We provide a bird feeder for each holiday cottage and supply bird food to fill them. We provide a bird feeder for each holiday cottage and supply bird food to fill them. We provide a bird feeder for each holiday cottage and supply bird food to fill them
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Holiday Cottage Wales Bullfinchs May 2013
This pair of bullfinchs were spotted on the garden gate of The Byre holiday Cottage Llandysul, Ceredigion West Wales in May 2013. Thank you to Dawn & Sue holiday cottage guests for the photo

Male redstart holiday cottage Wales, nesting in BBQ
Regular blog readers will have noted we have redstarts nesting in our barbeque. I managed to get this photo of the male about to enter the nest last week.

Nuthatch on holiday cottage bird feeder
The nuthatch is the favourite of our holiday cottage bird watching guests here in West Wales.
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On site bird watching Heron
For a few days now a Heron has been visiting our ponds and a couple of days ago I managed to grab a photo of him/her? We think the attraction might be frogs and or their spawn.

Oyster Catcher Cardigan Estuary near Gwbert
A winter visitor that adds a splash of colour to a grey estuary along the Ceredigion Coastal Path.

Pied flycatcher:holiday cottage Wales bird watching
A couple of days ago I spotted a pied wagtail returning to the nest box in our holiday cottage woods again and this with my camera to hand managed to get this long range photo.
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Red Kite Feeding Centre – Gigrin Farm
100s of red kites descend on Gigrin Farm where they are fed at every day of the year. With breath taking feats of aerial piracy red kites compete with buzzards and ravens for choice pickings.
1 Hours 35 Mins
60 Miles
Dog Friendly

Red Kites
We have red kites on site at stallion Valley holiday cottages most days.

Red kites nesting at holiday cottages
This year (2014) for the first time we spotted their nest high up in a nearby beech tree..
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We have redstarts visit Stallion Valley holiday cottages here in West Wales each year to nest. Latest sighting Mayday bank holiday.

RSPB Gwenffrwd-Dinas near Llandovery
Enjoy a walk through enchanting alder and oak woodland, past fast-flowing, spectacular rivers. In the summer there'll be pied flycatchers, redstarts, common sandpipers, dippers and grey wagtails.
59 Mins
31 Miles
Dog Friendly

Sparrow enjoying garden pond
Here on our West Wales holiday cottage site we get lots of bird varieties to watch In amongst the more glamorous like the nuthatches the humble sparrows cold be overlooked if it wasn't for their cheeky chattering by the garden pond
Dog Friendly

Spring 2014: A young robin
This little beauty came to join our tea break. I was not sure what it was so took a photo and consulted a bird book. It is a young Robin; apparently young ones do not develop a red breast until the autumn
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Starlings flocking near West Wales holiday cottages
Starling are regular visitors to our holiday cottage site and the surrounding fields. Perhaps they are out foraging from Aberystwyth where thousands roost each night under the pier.
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Summer 2014 mallard family on holiday cottage pond
This year we have had aside from the mallards, a family of tufted ducks and also a family of Canadian geese.
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Summer 2014 tufted duck family on our pond
This year we have had aside from the tufted ducks, a family of mallards and also a family of Canadian geese.

Swallows nesting in holiday cottage barn
Each year we get lots of birds nesting on our 3 acre holiday cottage site. They are attracted by our ponds, woodlands and our rural setting, surrounded by fields.
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Thrush feeding on our enclosed play paddock
Our holiday guests have lots of bird watching variety on our rural site which has woodlands and ponds.
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Tree Creeper nesting: on site bird watching, holiday cottage Wales
This Tree Creeper close to its nest was spotted by by watching holiday cottage guests May 2012. Thank you Sue & Dawn for the photo.

We see lots of birds on our coastal walks here was a new one to us we saw near Llanon on the coastal path. A summer visitor apparently, a wheatear.

Whitethroat spotted Borth West Wales
Whilst on a day out walking the cerdigion coastal path holiday cottage owners Mick & Julie spotted this whitethroat whilst waiting at Borth station to catch a train to Aberystwyth.

Wren nesting in our scots pine
Holiday cottage Wales: On site bird watching: wren nesting in our scots pine
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Ynys-hir nature reserve (RSPB)
Ynys-hir mixes Welsh oak woodland with wet grassland and saltmarshes. Feast your eyes from any of our seven hides – look out for birds of prey. Then round off your visit with a snack at the visitors' centre. Please take care on the paths as some are rug
1 Hours 15 Mins
45 Miles

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